Got Website! Webmaster Services!


Consisting of but not limited to:

Website functions

  • Fix broken links
  • Check page load speeds
  • Update WordPress itself, plugins, and the theme.
  • User Interactivity performance

Security reports

  • Typically, this means properly setting up the security plugin and sending monthly security reports.

Backups -Weekly

  • A client may accidentally delete a page, or the website could get hacked.
  • Having regular backups will give  peace of mind.

Analytics reports

  • Send monthly reports to your clients, highlighting the most important metrics on the website.


Consisting of but not limited to:

Website aesthetics

  • Images and content
  • Page alignment
  • Videos performance
  • Alerts


  • Appearance and interaction

Email Sign-ups

  • Appearance and interaction


  • Check on Desktop display
  • Check Tablet display
  • Check mobile display

Device systems

  • IOS
  • Android

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