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30 days full refund view Refund Policy

  1. As soon as payment is received and all the questions are answered.
  2. Will be removed if refund is demanded.
  1. Immediately after payment received and questions are filled out.
  2. All content of the private section is available to ‘members’ only.
  1. A privacy policy is in place, no information is sold or given away,
  2. Your peers on the site have the ability to view your contact information and make contact if wanted.
  1. Yes
  2. There is also the ability to exchange ideas between the community as a whole. Thus, allowing members to see how others are treating and what works for them.
  1. Only what is put on the public page and disseminated to the general, non-medical public. 
  1. Yes
  2. No credit card information is stored
  3. Stripe will also be accepted.
  1. Yes, billing information will be available and contact information for the ability to submit questions.

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