ISERA is a network of physician clinics that have joined together to advertise and market their services to healthcare providers, Insurance Companies, legal community and the general public. These physicians are “SPECIALISTS” in the “diagnosis and treatment of PAIN and circulatory conditions by using advanced medical technology.


Successful treatments of acute, chronic or neurological pain condition begin with expanding your knowledge and exploring treatment options. Thanks to medical advances and technology there are now numerous treatment options for people who suffer with PAIN or circulatory conditions.

But, just as each patient is an individual, not all options are appropriate for everyone.

If you are a pain sufferer, talk to your Insurance Provider or Physician about other advanced technologies in the market today that have been cleared by the FDA.

ISERA is the leader in providing a network service to help providers, Insurance Companies, Physicians, and consumers navigate the complexity of the healthcare system by helping you find an advanced pain management treatment center near you.

For all ISERA membership levels, Continuing Medical Education (CME’s) will be available through an accredited Medical University. Also, CEU’s for our licensed members will be available soon per their respective professional license requirements.

ISERA Membership Has Its Rewards!

Physician & Healthcare Membership Benefits:

Becoming a member of the ISERA gives you unparalleled access to industry-leading experts, research and resources. The ISERA is committed to continually improving and expanding the benefits of your membership.

We are pleased to announce these exclusive member benefits—tools to help your practice reach its full potential.

As an ISERA member you’ll receive:

  •  Receive a personalized certificate upon joining. This tangible, memorable and distinctive certificate adds input and credibility with your patient.
  • Directory listing on our website, this is your #1 resource consumers use to find a pain treatment center physician in their region.
  • Name and contact information
  • Link directly to your website
  • Search engine optimized page
  • Educational Discounts on:
  • Conferences and Fellowship Modules: Save up to 20% on event registration.
    Educational Materials: Choose from our library of the latest educational 
    books, video and other media.

Physician/Scientific/Healthcare Membership is based on ISERA approval

To ensure the quality and validity of membership providers we implement

the following process  for Membership to ISERA

  • Register ( for membership review)
  • Await pending review  status notification (email)
  • Pay for selected  membership

Corporate Membership Sponsorship

Corporate Membership Sponsor - Silver

  • Bold & highlighted listing with preferred search ranking
  • 500 word description with images
  • Link to company website
  • Framed membership certificate

Corporate Membership Sponsor: Fee: 1-year membership – Silver – $1,500.00

Corporate Membership Sponsor - Gold

  • Bold & highlighted listing with preferred search ranking
  • 750 word description with images
  • Link to company website
  • Framed membership certificate
  • Can add up to 3 physician as members

Corporate Membership Sponsor: Fee: 2-year membership – Gold – $2,500.00

Corporate Membership Sponsor - Platinum

  •  Bold & highlighted listing with preferred search ranking1500 word description with images
  • Embedded video ability
    Link to company website
  • Framed membership certificate
    Can add up to 10 physicians as members

Corporate Membership Sponsor: Fee: 5-year membership – Platinum – $5,000.00

Please Contact us for more information
on becoming an ISERA Member.